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Friday, July 25, 2014

No one has noticed...or at least they haven't commented.

On Saturday the 19th I changed something. No one seems to have notice, can you? If so comment below.
I'm not just talking about the layout or such.

New layout

So, is this format a little easier on the eyes, or is it to bright?
I'm thinking that the post titles need to be a darker color though.

TSA coming to a goverment building near you

Well after my county took its stupid pill it decided to install cops to TSA everyone at the Annex building for my country government. I even had to take off my damn belt to drop off a job application.

Then the officer argued with me on why this was being done.

Im sorry it wasn't this way until it was legal for licensed carriers were legal to come inside.

Fuck you mister I'm an Officer. It is to keep law abiding people disarmed around the upper crust. There is no other reason.

You all didn't even properly screen me.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

EDC Post, isn't that Quaint

Pocket dump for blogfodder.
Right front pocket:Kershaw shuffle pocket knife, change, bic lighter, micro multi-tool, spare coil for e-cig, two dollar bills, ear plugs, Sandisk MP3 player and ear buds.
Back right pocket:Broker plus mini fixed blade wrapped in paracord sheath and fire steel, Arkansas stone in leather pouch.
Back left pocket:Wallet with can opener and various cards and IDs.
Front left pocket:Energizer 1watt LED flashlight, blackhawk pocket holster with two Bersa .380 mags inside it.
Left ankle:Bersa thunder .380.
Neck:Timberline Lightfoot Pit bull neck knife.
Right hip:Sig P226 in a Desantis 18-11 IWB tuckable kydex holster.
Left hip:Two 18 round mags for the Sig in a Fobus paddle mag holder.
Current weight on scale: 144 pounds

UPDATE because I forgot my keys:Keys on carabiner with keychain flashlight and nail clippers.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Cat and Chickens

Unlike most people that have cats and chickens I do not worry about my chickens. The chickens have completely cowed the cat. He is terrified of them. He often will run inside if they come near him.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

No one has noticed yet.

Besides adding new blogs, and rearranging the blog a bit I changed one big thing. No one seems to have noticed.

Ga Code HB60 and HB826

Well strap in Georgians, HB826 has been fucked. The official publisher of the Ga Codes has fucked it up, in essence they are acting like HB 826 did not happen.
They are acting like HB 60 changed parts of the law it did not, and over rides HB 826. In other words  we now have to sue.
They specifically have to ignore Ga Code and case law to do so.....illegally.
As my people of Georgia would say HAMMER TIME!