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Monday, February 2, 2015


Well I have fallen off the wagon a few times since switching to the E-cigs. Mostly do to either dead batteries, or broken tanks. So I am happy to report I now have a Mini Protank with a stainless steel tank, no glass there to break. The down side is can't see when it needs refilling, and it is harder to refill a bit. I also got some more batteries and new flavors. Hopefully this will help me not fall off the wagon again.

Still I am happier to actually working to quit for good.

Monday, January 26, 2015


8:50PM clock into work.
7:12AM clock out of work.
9:00AM got to first class
10:15AM leave first class
5:30PM go to second class.
9:40PM leave second class.

Friday, January 23, 2015

The shift change....

It really is odd I spend half my week going to school during the day, and the other half working all night. So I have this day where I either sleep almost none before going to work, or staying up all night to try and shift my sleep schedule.

Most people would call this is.

Sadly I find it kinda liberating. I get to avoid a lot of things that most people have to deal with when doing errands or daily life. Like crowded stores are not an issue usually. I am heading out to shop when most people are sitting down to dinner or already in bed. The down sides are some stores are closed or closing soon. Also the weirdos are out when I am grocery shopping at the all night store I shop at most of the time.

Meth heads, those are the worst thing about having the odd schedule. It pretty much is the meth heads schedule except they do not sleep.....

So g'night folks.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Blade Dance! Spyderco Resilience

So considering I didn't have any full flat ground knives to play with I got a Spyderco Resilience. It is massive. In fact so much so that I kinda don't want to pull it out in public. It makes a Kershaw 1 ton look small, or the CRKT M-16 look dainty....

So some specs are easily available online so look them up.

The Pros:
Nice and sharp out of the box.(Push cuts news print at a 90 degree angle)
Decent steel for the money.
Nice pocket clip that holds well but not hard to draw.
Smooth action.
Solid lockup.
Handle scales provide firm traction.
Enough handle to choke up or down for various tasks.
Light for size.

The Cons:
Far to large for most people to EDC.
The edges of the handle scales are not rounded but simply cut off, so hard grips are not comfortable like some knives.
Liner lock is painful in a hard use grip.
Blade apex grind is a little uneven.
Apex grind is not all the way to the heel.

The Neutral:
Balance is about 1 inch down the handle from the pivot.
Four way positionable pocket clip.

So I give it a solid 7. Not quite as good as my favorite edc pocket folder, but it comes in second.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Yeah Winter inside storms.

I know it is winter do to the constant cries of "Ow fuck" from my Wife do to the constant static electrical shocks she receives all day. She is a one woman electrical storm.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Why the .22's

Okay here is part of the reason for the influx of .22lr firearms.
I have been walking with a cane off and on for years. Now after my shoulder started giving out I can no longer handle a lot of firearms.
My mossberg 500 I can no longer shoot, either in handling the recoil or cycling the action when extended in a firing position. Close in I can do it but that requires dropping my arms to my sides. I nearly dropped the shotgun a month ago do to the pain from just running some simple dry fire practice drills.....once. First racking and I nearly dropped it. Add in the fact I can not lean on my right leg with much weight with out a lot of different medications I am now on I figured it was time to admit I am getting older.

Thus I have been buying some firearms I can fire without worry. Plus I like the .22lr round, especially out of a rifle length barrel.

So I sold the Mossberg my MBR and have started looking for a lefty friendly replacement. These links are for choice comparison not the place I will purchase them.

First up is the humble AK An M70 imported by Century International Arms. I like this mostly for the underfolder stock and price. I prefer .30 caliber and greater rounds for most things deer sized and greater. So this is my top choice right now butt....

The AR....theleftyfacehatingabouthadmethrowitatthetargetinbasic who I still detest do to all my experience with it in the military but those were all government maintained weapons....need I say more. So here is my second choice I trust the S&W company to put out a good product, and honestly the forward assist and dust cover never made sense to me.
Finally the alternate AR is the Ruger version This has one feature listed that I like a threaded barrel so just incase I can change flash suppressor or add a sound suppressor.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I can stop any time.....

Okay after getting a new Savage 64.....I got a Marlin 795. So now there are 3 .22lr rifles in the safe. Is it bad I want a a Savage Mark II followed by a Mossberg 802 then a Ruger American .22lr.