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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Blog interrupted by illness

Other half was sick all last night. I got no sleep in turn, and now think coming down with what they have. Go play in the snow Georgia.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Out with the Old in with the New

Well, my trusty holster for my Bersa Thunder is starting to wear out. So the Galco TUC is going to be retired. In its place is the new Tagua Universal (I know universals suck) IWB. Hope I don't have to take it back....

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Bubba wants 5 million, for him being stupid.

Sounds like bubba not quite understanding the difference between a full auto safety and what actually makes a full auto AK tried to make his AK full auto and now is pissed it doesnt work....

Friday, January 29, 2016


I have one hard rule on Facebook. No dead bodies.
I have stated this multiple times, and given many warnings that posting pictures of dead bodies will make me unfriend and unfollow you on Facebook.

I finally had to do that.
I really don't feel bad despite they are someone I really enjoyed reading their stuff on Facebook.

Friday, September 11, 2015

My first thoughts about today.

"Perhaps time shouldnt heal all wounds?

As I sit and think of the terrible event I wonder one thing. Will they remember this day a hundred years from now? Will this just be a forgotten evil, to be repeated, or will we learn. Also to those countries and peoples that celebrated this horrible act, I know that I am glad I have not met some one like that. You should never feel good about killing, even if it's in the defense of your self and another. Taking a life is the lowest of the things a human can do.You should feel sorry for an enemy that attacks and you kill, even if you had no choice. That is a guilt that can not be forgotten, and sometimes I think never forgiven."

I still believe this, but have evolved it. 

Taking a life is never good, but one's own life and those we care for are worth dying for or killing for.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

5 years sober.

Poof gone.
I haven't gotten drunk in over 5 years. I am not saying I haven't had a drink, but I truly have not been drunk in 5 years.

I have had my problems drinking, I spent 6 months downing Jack like it was water after work. It was the only way I could sleep while in the Air Force after awhile. Falling off the wagon is just part of having a drinking problem. Tonight though, I am just not caring.

Sadly I do not know why I fell off. I just started and have had more to drink tonight then I have in almost a decade. Now am I drinking to stupid levels? No. Heck a few drinks down most would consider a quiet evening, for me it is too much. Considering my size and time and such I can tell you my BAC is around .12 at least.

Thinking now hard about it it probably is the pain. My arthritis is acting up really bad. My cane has been used a lot recently. Add in the stress of Finals. Ergh and now I am remember work this weekend is going to be hell....yeah I think I know why I fell off the wagon.

Finally.....a true push cut.

Okay here is a test for you to see how sharp that EDC knife really is. Go find a newpaper, now with no movement of the blade in either backward or forward try and push at a complete 90 degree angle to the paper the blade straight down into the paper. If it did it congrats that is either very sharp or do me a favor and turn the paper 90 degrees and try it again. Oh I imagine some are going wait it did it now but not last time. Some are going it did it before but not now. Let me explain.

Cutting paper you must realize it has a grain and thus turning that paper and cutting across that grain requires a much higher level of sharpness then cutting along that grain. Thus turning the paper shows you two levels of sharpness. The sharpest consistent test is the across grain push cut at 90 degrees. No angle to the blade at all. All angles are 90 to each other. Doing this incredibly hard.

 I have been trying years to get this good. I finally have gotten my technique down and my tools properly set up to do this free hand. I have get a shaving sharp edge but a true across grain push cut on newsprint is very very hard. Now I can do this. Did I also mention I did this without using a leather strop. The only thing used was diamond and ceramic stones.

Now to find a harder test to try.