Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Cat and Chickens

Unlike most people that have cats and chickens I do not worry about my chickens. The chickens have completely cowed the cat. He is terrified of them. He often will run inside if they come near him.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

No one has noticed yet.

Besides adding new blogs, and rearranging the blog a bit I changed one big thing. No one seems to have noticed.

Ga Code HB60 and HB826

Well strap in Georgians, HB826 has been fucked. The official publisher of the Ga Codes has fucked it up, in essence they are acting like HB 826 did not happen.
They are acting like HB 60 changed parts of the law it did not, and over rides HB 826. In other words  we now have to sue.
They specifically have to ignore Ga Code and case law to do so.....illegally.
As my people of Georgia would say HAMMER TIME!

My work week is backward.

Just to explain a bit, the weekends actually are my work week. I work Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and used to be Sunday. Then I go to school Monday through Wednesday. The sucky part is I work nights and go to school days. My sleep schedule is messed up.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Magellan Outdoor shirts

Okay, I haven't gone cloths shopping for myself in like 4 years. Sadly a lot of my stuff is wearing out. Like my cover-shirt collection. So I got two new shirts from Magellan.
They are all synthetic which is nice because they don't hold sweat as bad as my old cotton shirts.
Also are the Fish Gear series and are much cooler, they also are button up shirts. So new I look a little more dressy then my old T-shirts that I used. Over all the last few weeks I have been wearing them constantly instead of OCing.
I am loving the pockets, not just two simple shirt pockets, but two mini pockets infront of each main pocket.
Also some kind of loop set on the left pockets right side seam, I use that to hold a pen usually.
I at first got a short sleeve version, then a long sleeve version that is designed to have the sleeves rolled up and secured with a button strap.
Both are very comfy, work well on my draw, and fit much better then my older shirts.
The price was actually pretty good, 20 for the short sleeve version and 25 for the long sleeve version.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Shave #3

Well, here we are again.
This time I did not shave at all yesterday. So today's shave was with a full beard growth. It was just as easy, also I switched back as my wife's request to shave cream. She didn't want it to go to waste. Oh dear lord that stuff stings after a few minutes. The cream was  Edge extra protection with cooling conditioners. It stings before I even start shaving.

I only do two passes right now as I am relearning how to shave. I know I could get a ridiculously close shave if I did three, but I am not wanting to risk the possible irritation. I will give it a full week for my face to get use to the new way of shaving before I do three passes.

Just for your edumication of wet shaving with a safety razor here is a video.Nick Shaves
Also good eye candy for the ladies.

Could they be Unstupiding?
Could this actually happen? I'm not saying they are getting smarter just maybe a little less stupid. It takes work to be as stupid as some of them act and that takes work. So maybe they are being more actively lazy. I don't know what it is, but it is something unusual.